Kalamazoo College (Fall 2021 – Present):

Beginning Spanish II (SPAN-102)

Introduction to Linguistics: Language Variation and Change (SPAN-493)

Linguistics, Identity, and Health (SPAN-205)

Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition (Independent Study Course; SPAN-498)

All Language is Legitimate: The Fallacy of “Broken” Language (Fall, 2022; SEMN-129)

A Comparative Approach to World Spanishes (SPAN-425; Spring 2023)

Introduction to Pidgin and Creole Languages: A Socio-historic, -Semantic, and -Pragmatic Approach to Jamaican Patois (Independent Study Course; LANG-298)

Georgetown University (Fall 2017 – Spring 2021):

Intensive Basic Spanish

Intermediate Spanish II

Advanced Spanish I

Advanced Spanish: Transatlantic I

Advanced Spanish: Transatlantic II

Advanced Spanish for Business

Gateway to Linguistics

Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

Universidad de Santo Tomás (2014 -2015)

Beginner English

Intermediate English

Advanced English